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Last updated: Jan 1, 2005

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Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association

Dues:  $10 per year for individuals, $12 for families, $5 for juniors; payable in January of each year.
Launch Fee for Non-Members:  none (see restrictions below for non-members)
Meetings:  First Thursday of the month, year-round.  Typically held at the Science Museum in St. Paul, but location may vary.
Launches:  Fourth Saturday of the month, year-round.  Held at various sites around the Twin Cities.
Focus: Model rockets (up through D engines) and large and high-power model rockets (up through J engines)
Primary Contact:

For more information, go to the MASA web site

The Minnesota Amateur Spacemodeler Association, MASA, is a rocket club with members throughout the Minneapolis / St. Paul (Twin Cities) metropolitan area and surrounding regions.  MASA was officially formed in January 1998, and it became section #576 of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) shortly thereafter.

There are MASA members with interests in nearly every segment of the hobby.  As of November 2000, MASA had 51 paid memberships; many of those were family memberships including up to four people!  MASA was even featured in an article in the March/April 1999 issue of Sport Rocketry magazine.

MASA typically has one official club launch per month, year-round.  We also try to have additional launches during our wonderfully brief Minnesota summers.  A club meeting is held once per month.  Visitors, spectators, and prospective members are welcome at club launches and meetings.

You do not need to be a MASA member in order to launch model rockets (weight under one pound and "D" motors or smaller) at an official MASA launch.   We do require MASA membership if you wish to fly rockets that weigh more than one pound or that use "E" or larger motors.  Persons wishing to fly High Power rockets ("H" motors or larger) at MASA launches must have current MASA membership as well as NAR membership and appropriate High Power Certification Level with either NAR or TRA.

MASA welcomes model rocketeers of all ages.  We do not require that you belong to the NAR in order to join MASA.  However, for serious rocketeers, we do encourage NAR membership.  Many MASA members do belong to the NAR, and some members belong to both the NAR and the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA)  Many of these members are active in both MASA and the Minnesota Tripoli Prefectures.